The Art Of Good Report Writing

Refereeing Advice – Report Writing

When writing send off or incident reports, make sure your reports are as detailed as possible and always include:

What happened – be as descriptive as possible

Where it happened – where on the field did it occur, how far you were from the incident, did you have a clear view

When it happened –  what minute of the game, was it after another event that triggered it

Who was involved – clearly identify the people involved

Exact words or phrases used – be specific – saying ‘bad language’ is not sufficient

Example: In the 65th minute with the score at 1-1, just inside the centre circle I saw Blue-team #24 strike an opponent in the chest with a closed fist using high to moderate force whilst not challenging for the ball. I immediately stopped play and showed Blue #24 a red card and sent them from the field of play for violent conduct. I was approximately 10 metres from the incident with an unobstructed view. Blue #24 left the field without further incident.
Each branch has a different process for submitting reports, so if you’re not sure about how to write your report or how to submit them, contact your branch for help.