About The St George Football Referees Association

St George Football Referees Association (SGFRA) was formed in 1974, with a charter to provide referees to the various competitions run by the then St. George Soccer Association.

As an affiliated member of Football NSW, our members are also appointed to officiate at the various state run competitions and to control the overflow of State League games that would be normally covered the NSW State League Football Referees Inc.

SGFRA is a small branch in numbers, but leads the way in NSW with regards to the development of referees.
Our coaching panel is dedicated to the development and progression of our members and their efforts and commitment to this cause are the envy of many throughout the country.

The coaching panel consists of past and current referees, some of whom have not only achieved success in the local district but have also been elevated to FIFA level. Our coaching panel includes past and current A-League and W-League coaches, and an AFC level instructor. We are also in a position to utilise current FIFA accredited instructors on a consultancy and advisory basis.

SGFRA has a dedicated Women’s Referee Co-ordinator and programs specifically for female referees form part of our coaching program.

Since our inception, many members have been rewarded with higher honours with inclusion on Hyundai A League, National Youth League and Westfield Women’s League panels and National Talent Acceleration programs and officiated in the premier state run competitions. We are proud that we have had a member selected by FIFA to attend preparation seminars prior to the 2010 World Cup.

SGFRA referees have also been successful in winning and attaining high rankings in the various State Referee competitions.

SGFRA Office Bearers 2021

Executive Committee

Murray Wilson



Ron Curry



0419 034 286

Roger Doenau



Management Committee

Luke O’Sullivan

Senior Vice President


Heidi Breeze

Junior Vice President

Paul Mercieca

Appointment Officer


John Parker

Director of Coaching


Jennifer Bray

Director of Assessors


Yosemite Guilmeer

Assistant Secretary


Ron Curry



Kosta Atzemis

Floor Member 1


Jeh Courtino

Floor Member 2


Luke Chapman

Cadet Coordinator









Anastasia Filacouridis

Female Referee Coordinator


Office Bearers

Con Zygouras

Recruitment & Retention


0429 030 556

Peter Danaskos

Member Protection Officer


John Papadopoulos

Gear Steward


0419 402 302

Warwick Hayes

Assistant Appointments Officer


0429 030 556