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A very interesting article and it certainly highlights the difficulties of the assistant referee.
In this clip, it is easy to see how the A/R's view was obstructed by the player (or his hair) in front of him, at a most critical moment.  Will we ever see this type of technology at grass roots? I somehow doubt it, however, you just never know!  Refereeing and being an assistant referee requires the duties to be carried out with a great deal of common sense, especially when positioning is involved.   There are no real text book positions you should take in a practical sense, but some simple strategies will assist.  In this case, even though the A/R had a text book position, the player completely blocked his view of the critical incident.  If you find yourself in this position, then it is better to take a half step towards the goal line, thus opening up a good view of the centre part of the field and I would think, assist in making the correct decision.  A similar situation can occur on the goal line, especially if there is a crowded goal area and your view beyond the near post is partially obstructed at best. Try to take a half step past the corner flag and see if that opens up the view of the goal line to the other side of the field.  
Having said all of that, your main position as an A/R is to remain level and in line with the second last opponent.  At our level of football this is the most important consideration and one that the players and coaches will find it hard to argue with if you are focused on alignment and play.   All of our members are required to act as an A/R during the season and all need to concentrate fully on the job at hand and not become distracted by players, spectators or other situations out of their control.  
Attendance at training will increase your understanding and ability as both a referee and an A/R, so find some time on a Thursday night (6.00pm - 8.00pm) and join us at Charlie Pirie field. The sessions are held regardless of the weather or whether the fields are close or not. As a matter of fact, when the grounds are washed out, you will not be able to train with your football team, so make a bee-line for referee training

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