COMPULSORY Technical & Education Meeting - FINAL SERIES

Posted by Roger Doenau on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 at 7:33 PM

As the 2017 season moves towards the Final Series, and if you wish to be considered for Final Series appointments, then it is imperative that you attend this important and informative educational session.

There are changes to the procedures and competition rules to be discussed and only members who attend this meeting will be considered for appointments, especially as referees!

During the final series, all grades will have assistant referees appointed, so it is even more important for members to attend training sessions on a Thursday night, to ensure that you are prepared to undertake this important task.

New members in the 2017 season, will need to attend to be considered for either referee or assistant referee appointments.

History tells us that there are always a number of issues that develop through the final series and it is in your best interest and also that of the branch, that you approach this series in a serious and professional manner by making sure that you are fully conversant with all the vital rules, procedures and best practices. 

If for some reason you are unable to make the meeting, then it is your responsibility to contact the Secretary (not the coach, the appointments officer or the ‘chat’ section of the website or team app) to tender your apology. 

Please note; an apology will not necessarily be considered and as alternative to attendance!

Hope to see you all on the night.