Successful June Meeting with A League Professional Referee

Posted by Roger Doenau on Friday, 23 June 2017 at 5:08 PM

Successful June Meeting with A League Professional Referee


Well what a turn out it was on Wednesday night with the seats packed, and plenty of anticipation for the meeting.

It was good to see so many members and also some members from other branches who had been invited along for this special occasion.

Shaun Evans gave the members all an insight of not only what it’s like to be an elite referee but also what is involved in being one of the 3 professional referees in Australia.

The Q & A session delved into all manners of refereeing and it was good to see all the members getting involved.

Once the meeting was finished, it was then time for a few members to get up close and personal and quite a few had their pictures taken with the A League referee.

A big thanks goes to Ben Wilson and the FFA referee’s department and also Shaun for coming along and spending some time with us.

It was great experience for our members to get the chance to talk to an elite referee face to face.